We are proud to be able to provide rehabilitative services to Millbrook pets using our onsite treadmill to help animals recover mobility after invasive surgeries. 

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Improving Mobility & Reducing Pain

The team at Millbrook Valley Animal Hospital works with injured pets to help restore pain-free mobility through individualized exercise programs using our onsite pet treadmill.

Passive Range of Motion (PROM) and stretching activities, in addition to assisted walking rehabilitative treatments, help promote and maintain muscle, tendon, and ligament flexibility after orthopedic surgeries.

We have a registered animal chiropractor who comes in on a referral basis.

Regenerative Therapy, Los Gatos Animal Hospital

The Process

Here at Millbrook Valley Animal Hospital, we utilize a variety of exercises to improve mobility, strength, and flexibility as well as reduce or manage pain or inflammation for patients who have experienced serious injuries or who have recently undergone invasive procedures.

In addition to prescribed exercises, mobility activities and stretches tailored to your pet's condition, we can also provide land treadmill therapy to help aid in your pet's recovery and return to their normal selves.

If your pet has been referred to a specialist for orthopedic treatment, our Millbrook veterinary team will be happy to provide your pet with ongoing aftercare using our rehabilitative services.

Goals & Benefits of Rehabilitation:

  • Improved range of motion and flexibility
  • Restored muscle mass and strength
  • Decreased pain associated with motion/movement
  • Reduced lameness in limbs
  • Protection against joint degeneration
  • Prevention of further injuries
  • Improved daily function and use of limbs
  • Heightened lymphatic flow and blood flow

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