Breanne Harris is a veterinary assistant in Millbrook who is passionate about advocating for animals of all species, whether they are our pets or wildlife.

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Breanne Harris

Meet Breanne, our Veterinary Assistant and Animal Care Attendant.

She is new to the field of clinical vet medicine but no novice to the world of animal care. Breanne remembers helping her uncle around the farm at a young age, which helped her realize her affinity for working with and helping animals. Similar to her coworker Cassie, she also began a successful dog walking business in her early years. She gained an understanding of animal welfare issues and responsible pet ownership through volunteering at local animal shelters and zoos. These experiences sparked her passion of advocating for animals of all species whether they be our pets at home, commodified or farmed, or wildlife.

As a young adult, Breanne worked as a receptionist and animal care attendant at a dog playcare resort where she would often spend her night shifts sleeping in a dog pile with her fluffy friends. Moving back to the Peterborough area in 2018 she began and is nearly finished her BSc in Biology with a focus in ecology at Trent University. Joining the Medical Professional Stream Program, she knew that she wanted to pursue a career in veterinary medicine.

Prior to starting at Millbrook Valley Animal Hospital, Breanne worked under a DVM as a team supervisor and agricultural technician where she led a team of farm hands. Her focus now is to gain as much hands-on experience in the field while continuing her journey as a veterinary medicine student.

When she isn’t at work caring for your pets, she is spending time with her family, nieces and nephews, two dogs Pal and Haiu, sassy cat Sofi, and bunnies Pearl and Benecio Del Toro. Breanne values her time spent outdoors and will take any opportunity to go for an adventure with her husband and their dogs! Breanne is team pineapple on pizza.

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